Veterinary x-ray refresher course

Since 2006 Radiology Matrix has provided Radiation Safety Refresher Course to meet the requirements of the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia Quality Management Plan for Ionizing Radiation Emitting Devices (May 2005) for the training of staff.

Interactive questions for self-assessment have been included after each section, with immediate feedback for correct or incorrect responses. The course can be accessed several times before completing the final quiz. On completion of the course a custom certificate will be available for printing.

The online course is accessible from any computer with internet access. Participants pay online using credit card or paypal. The cost for the online course is $85 CAD (GST included) through Enrollment and payment instructions are on the Veterinary Course Self Registration page.

Sections include:

  • Radiation and Radiation Effects
  • Radiation Regulations
  • Optimizing Radiation Exposure
  • X-ray Equipment Basics
  • Digital Imaging Techniques
  • Dental X-ray units
  • CVBC Quality Management Program
  • Bibliography

CCPM Certified x-ray medical physicist and professional engineering physicist

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