RadiologyMatrix specializes in the provision of Radiation Safety Courses.

As well as Safety Courses we consult on all aspects of:

  • Radiology Department Design
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Radiation Safety Programs
  • Equipment Acceptance and testing

thor2RadiologyMatrix is brought to you by coolth.ca.


Coolth.ca Proprietor: I am Thor Bjarnason, a CCPM clinically certified x-ray Medical Physicist and Professional Engineering Physicist. I work for Interior Health.

I have a BEng from the University of Saskatchewan, an MASc from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD from the University of Calgary. My main PhD research focus involved studying water environments in tissue non-invasively using MRI. My present research involves quality control and radiation safety for x-ray systems. I am also interested in modern communication methods.

Academic appointments:
– Clinical Lecturer, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
– Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics & Computer Science, University of British Columbia Okanagan

CCPM Certified x-ray medical physicist and professional engineering physicist

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