Radiation Safety in Fluoroscopy

This course has been developed to meet the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of both Alberta and British Columbia for the training of staff who use fluoroscopy in surgery. It is also often used by medical staff in other provinces for fluoroscopy training.

The new online course uses the latest interactive learning techniques. Self-assessment questions are included after each section, with immediate feedback for correct or incorrect responses. The course can be left and resumed before taking the final quiz which consists of 10 multiple choice questions. Participants can restart and retake the course up to three times. If all the material is reviewed and 60% of the final questions answered correctly, a certificate of completion will be automatically generated and can be printed for your records.

The basic Course fee is $165 CAD (GST included) per participant.

For more information on how you can self-register and pay online with a credit card to take the course follow the instructions on Fluoroscopy Course Self Registration page.


This course is designed for surgeons and physicians who use mobile fluoroscopy for diagnosis or during treatment (e.g. surgeons in the operating room, pacemaker replacement, etc). This course contains the following topics:

  • Benefit vs risk of fluoroscopic imaging in context of medical imaging and procedures
  • Sources of radiation hazards from fluoroscopy equipment
  • Role of radiation protection
  • Radiation dose and radiation effects
  • Radiation Regulations for Western Provinces and Territories
  • How fluoroscopy systems are used
  • How to reduce patient exposure
  • How to limit staff exposure
  • Practical tips for fluoroscopy

CCPM Certified x-ray medical physicist and professional engineering physicist

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