Veterinary Course Self Registration

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose “Create Learner Account”02 Login screen
  3. In “Organization Identifier” enter RMC if it is not already entered for you
    04 Organization Identifier
  4. Complete the Account Information. The name you choose will be used on the final Certificate. It is simplest to use your email as your username. Make a note of your User Name and Password you have chosen (you will need this later to login to the course), then select Register
    05 Account Information
  5. You will then be taken to the main LMS login page again. To login as a Learner enter your User Name and Password and the Organization Identifier. This time choose “Login”
    06 Login Screen
  6. You will then be taken to your own Home Page. Select “My Training” on the left menu.
    08 post login
  7. You will see what courses are available and the cost in Tuition Credits to take the course. 1 Tuition Credit = 1 CAD. The veterinary course is $85 CAD (GST included). Select “Purchase Tuition Credits”
    09 Purchase credits
  8. Make sure you enter “85” into the Tuition Credits box. Then select “Purchase”. This will take you to PayPal to complete the transaction.11 Purchase credits
  9. You can either log in with your PayPal account, or use a debit or credit card to complete the transaction.
    12 PayPal1
  10. Most users will pay by credit card. The credit card transaction will be processed through paypal.
    13 PayPal2
    Once payment is complete, Paypal may ask you to create an account. You can skip through this part if you wish.
  11. Once complete, click Return To Merchant to get back to the training module.
    14 Return to Merchant
  12. You will then see a credit confirmation. Click Continue.
    15 Credit Confirmation
  13. Select My Training and Click on the Radiation Safety Refresher Course for Veterinary Medicine box.
    16 Select Vet course
  14. You will be asked for confirmation to use your credits, select Yes.
    17 Use Credits
  15. On the next page you will be able to launch the course using “launch activity” button.
    18 Launch

    1. The RESTART button should be used sparingly, as it will delete the history of any attempts you previously made and start all over again.
    2. You can restart the course a total of three times.
      You can login at any time using the procedure in step 5.
  16. To complete the course you must visit every page and achieve a 60% or greater pass mark. When you have satisfactorily completed the course, you will be awarded a certificate, which can be printed out in colour from the sidebar My Certificates. You can print in portrait or landscape depending on your printer settings.

CCPM Certified x-ray medical physicist and professional engineering physicist

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